It is worth to open a discussion about albums and the choice that every couple must have for their own wedding.

Like every other object, albums have a wide range of quality and prices. You can find a cheap album within 50 euro and an expensive one that cost more than 1000 euro. Prices change obviously because of materials, of the manufacture, for their size, for the number of pages and also from the brand and model.

A lot of photographers, when they make their price to couples, they often include one or more albums and to stay competitive they renounce on quality and style.

Personally I believe that everybody should be free to decide what's their best choice according with their taste and wallet and i believe that is the package images + album together to give satisfaction and magic.

Good images require a good album like every other important object has an important "box". The photographer should not be an albums seller even if this is complementary to the photographic result.

This is the reason why with us all the couples will not have any additional charge on albums and they will spend same price that we pay for them to the brand.

Our mission is and always will be to maximize customer' s satisfaction.