Frequently Asked Questions

The wedding day is a day full of emotions. My intention is to be the invisible eye to capture these true emotions that are already there. The idea is to create the story of the day using all the skills that I learned during my experience and describe it. The focus is on the couple of course but everything can be proved interesting so as to add elements to the story.

Of course! Relatives, friends and parents are important for the couple but I recommend that for these kinds of photos the second photographer should be there. I focus on the artistic storytelling and I need to be so concentrated on this that I would prefer not to have a "must do". In any case yes I also shoot relatives, friends and parents but I prefer having them more in a context than having them just posing.

Yes I do! Working in digital gives many advantages and speed during shooting but is also very important to spend a lot of time in post production so as to achieve the best results. This is why I give all images edited. Every image has to be outstanding, not a discount for the photographer!

I can t say a specific number, even if I will be shooting constantly. The images that are part of the story can sometimes be 60, sometimes 80. It depends on the event, on the story. What is really important to me is to describe the day completely and exceed the client's expectation.

Lighting is of course a very important factor in photography. I combine available light with flash when it is required. Additional lights can be added, if necessary, for specific needs.

Everything should be chosen carefully. I can show you some brands of albums that I prefer to others but this is a subjective choice. It also depends on the budget. Albums have a very wide range of prices and this is why they are discussed separately. The paper for prints has also so many different qualities and I would be very glad to explain you and guide you for the best choice.

Of course! I have been traveling for many years and every time is like the first time. I love the idea that somebody requests my services abroad. It excites me and makes me very proud to see different things all the time.

I come from fashion so my education was different. Working for a magazine or a catalogue means to have the control of elements. You have plenty of time to think and decide specific details. Working for weddings means to have limited time and you can’t decide what’s happening around you. The second day of shooting there is much more control on what is going to happen and time becomes our friend. This is of course a subjective choice. Personally, I think that for a couple that is going to get married the investment in photography pays back because photographs are the only things that stay alive in time.

Yes I do. The fact that another professional is covering different angles will help me concentrate more on the creativity and on the artistic way.

Everything is followed and executed by me. Photography is a kind of art and it is not appropriate to mix different styles.

Of course! I can't be shooting video during shooting photos but it is my duty and responsibility to find somebody to undertake this request. I direct the editing in a proper way so as the final result to be the best possible.

No. RAW files can be compared with negatives for analog. Their nature requires a proper editing. Giving RAW means to give an incomplete work and for a professional that is a perfectionist this cannot exist. The clients of course will have the final image in high resolution ready to be printed.

Yes. I sign agreements with couples that include the right for the photographer to use the images in order to present his work. Photographer has the copyright on the images that takes, but this is good to be clarified in order to avoid misunderstandings.